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The Story of NitroPack

The Story of NitroPack

Welcome to the story of NitroPack, a website optimization tool that transformed from a downloadable plugin into a powerful cloud service capable of skyrocketing the speed of websites across all platforms or custom structures.

Let’s Start From the Beginning

Back in 2012, the first challenge was to create a caching solution for an E-Commerce platform that you use to build an online store. We wanted to optimize the websites of online merchants and help their stores deliver a better shopping experience to online shoppers.

NitroPack was packing heat for any shared, dedicated or virtual private server the combined power to control page, database, system, browser and image cache all in a single add-on.

The Challenges:

❌ Slow page loading times

❌ High number of server requests

❌ Heavy images and resources

❌ Render blocking JavaScript & CSS

Fast forward a bit to the moment when NitroPack becomes one of the biggest boosters of speed, conversion, traffic and sales for every E-Commerce store that used it.

The Lessons Learned:

Not all servers have sufficient resources to run heavy optimizations like:

✅ Minification

✅ Image Optimization

✅ Critical CSS extraction

✅ Compression

Even if your server can handle that, it costs a lot of extra CPU usage time and memory to perform these optimization operations.

Some servers (low shared hosting plans) lack support for libraries used for optimization. This results in incomplete website performance optimization.

Time Passed and NitroPack Kept Evolving

The dominant priority was introducing new features, giving more control to merchants and making the plugin more powerful than ever.

Suddenly, we started receiving reviews. And… they were awesome!

“As our web traffic increased and we had over 1000 products loaded, we experienced a website that become slower by the day. We started losing customers and were desperate. We contacted support and they suggested using NitroPack. We were “amaaaaaazed” by the speed increase.”

– Johan Conradie

NitroPack helped thousands of online stores increase their business efficiency with faster page loading times, better SEO and SEM.

“We’ve used NitroPack for 1.5 years. Now we have more than 85 score points from Google. This speed is great help for SEO ranking too. For a lot of keywords we get first place on Google. We love the absolute correct support too. Five star extension.”

– Szilárd Kun

Merchants used NitroPack to improve the user experienceconversion rates and search engine rankings of their websites.

The Bottom Line

In the past, we observed optimization and page speed as a general definition that included a lot of server operations and front end resources.

We came to the realization that optimization for Google PageSpeed is the highest priority and most rewarding course of action for two main purposes:

And that laid out the path for our transformed solution…

Meet NitroPack IO!

Proven features, technology and experience fused into the ultimate PageSpeed optimization tool for every website.

What do we do better? Everything.

Optimizing for Higher PageSpeed Score

The NitroPack servers perform parallel optimizations with different approaches and choose the highest scoring method to deliver.

All of that while keeping your pages and website stable.

By aiming for a higher PageSpeed Score, NitroPack focuses on optimizing what’s important for Google the smart way.

Your website goes faster and provides a better experience for users.

Completely Remote Optimization Process

Your website server won’t bare any of the optimization load and will remain free while the NitroPack servers handle all of the heavy HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Image optimization.

This way, we’re able to focus on optimizing your website and resources free of the setbacks of poor server configuration and limitations.

You get a fully optimized website with the highest possible PageSpeed score it can achieve.

Remote PageSpeed Optimization

Better Optimization. Less Load on Your Server.

Optimizing your website resources creates optimized versions of your images, CSS, JavaScript, etc. We process and store them on our servers to further alleviate your server load.

This improves the overall optimization process even more. It’s lighter for you, and lets NitroPack go much faster:

  • Your server CPU & RAM remain free to support your website
  • No additional loading time for non-optimized pages & resources
Improved Google PageSpeed Optimization

Constant Automatic NitroPack Updates

NitroPack tracks the frequent changes in the Google algorithm and optimization guidelines for an agile adaptation of the improvements to your website.

The updates help keep your PageSpeed score high in the long-term, without you having to perform any additional optimizations.

All Google updates will automatically be applied to your optimized website.

Google PageSpeed Insights Updates

Automatic Image Optimization

All of the images on your website are now automatically optimized for maximum quality and minimal weight.

No manual optimization required.

NitroPack handles the entire image optimization process for you.

Image Optimization for Higher Google PageSpeed Score

Automated Amazon CDN (Global)

Your website resources now load much faster with the added speed benefits of Amazon CDN.

The HTTP2 support that gives an extra speed boost.

  • Worldwide
  • Automatic
  • Free!
Amazon CDN Automated (Global)

Dramatically Simplified Setup

Google PageSpeed Optimization Made Effortless

From a complex dashboard with tons of adjustment possibilities, NitroPack now delivers a highly simplified configuration where server compatibility is no longer an issue.

API Integration Capability

API Integration for Google PageSpeed Optimization

Developers can use the documented API to integrate NitroPack functionality for optimizations of public pages.

From Ticket to Chat Support

Google PageSpeed Optimization Live Chat Support

Transforming our ticket-based support system into chat & messaging based communication helps speeds up the response time of our team so you can receive nimble and faster support.

Pay-Per-Use Service

Pay-Per-Use Google PageSpeed Optimization Service

You are only charged when you use the optimization service of NitroPack. Any unused services can be refunded at any time.


Join the Future of PageSpeed Optimization

It’s all about the PageSpeed score now. It took us a while, but we’re now able to put all of those lessons to work and help webmasters and online businesses reach the full potential of their website PageSpeed score.

The higher the score, the faster your website runs, the better your Google ranking gets.

Simple as that.

No more limits, just sheer optimization.

Join Now  |  Try 7 Days Free!

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